Wednesday, November 18, 2009

De-cluttering.... again.

I'm on a cleaning/reorganizing/de-cluttering tear.

I have managed to clear off my big computer desk and we're getting rid of it and downsizing to a small antique one I've had since I was a kid. Harder to clutter up a small one, even for the Queen of Clutter. It has drawers which the big one doesn't, so that will be nice. I also got two chairs sent to the upholstery shop. One is a channel back armchair, and one is an armless 'side chair' from the 40's. They will be a teal colored velour when I get them back in a couple days. Can't wait. I got the best deal EVER on the fabric. I've also (finally) got bookshelves on order. We'll have to paint them when they get here. Trim color (cream) with the back being the dark green of the closet door. I'm thinking of painting the low stair wall that dark green too. We'll see. That little corner by my desk will look really good.

In order to have enough room on my shelves, I need to sort books and get rid of some things. Good thing I'm on a de-cluttering tear.

The mice lost. We got 9 and haven't had the traps snap in over a week. Maybe we won!

Oh, and the windows are all installed. They look nice enough. I wish that they were still wood. I just don't like vinyl. But I also didn't want to pay as much as the wood cost. It was close to $6000 just for our little house. Wood would have been $20K. Sigh. Still, they open and close and the house is much quieter. Hopefully the heat bill will go down as well.