Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New picker!

I did it! I ordered a picker from Fancy Kitty. (The name makes no sense to me at all, but whatever.) Hilariously I will now own a 'cradle picker'. Sounds like geriatrics dating co-eds, but in actuality it is a swinging gizmo with teeth that pulls apart the fleece so that it can be dyed and carded.

The guy who makes them very helpfully warned me that those type of pickers can be hard on fine fibers, but I think I'll adjust it so that the teeth dont' overlap too much and just not be too aggressive in the swinging, and it should be fine.

I checked a few videos online about the process and noticed something weird. There's all this hype and hysteria about the picker being terribly dangerous. Obviously, to me anyways, a gizmo that swings nails back and forth is definitely a tool to be watchful of. (Well, duh!) But not anything to get hysterical about. Seems like any other tool to me. I never see guys demonstrating table saws or chainsaws and getting very fearful and emphatic about NO KIDS AROUND THE TABLE SAW!!!!!!!!!!! Again. Duh! Do women think other women are dumb and have to be warned. As women are we all hyper about how dangerous tools are? Does no one teach their kids to not touch anything that isn't theirs/is dangerous? It is perfectly possible to sew your finger with a sewing machine, but no one gets crazy about that. Just seems really weird to me.

Carry on!