Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I am a cyclist. Not one of the ride-to-work ones in street clothes. One of the spandex-clad, pace-line types who are in it for the speed. And the win. A roadie, in other words.

This summer has been a bit of a bust for various reasons, but last night Hubby and I got the bikes out and took a quick ride up Rocky Butte. It's always a good workout. There's some hill, a tunnel, more hill. a quick dip down and then hard up to the top.

We rode up to the dip-down a little quicker than we have been, then on the last bit, I pushed a little to keep ahead of him. He pushed back, and I had to up the ante again to stay a wheel ahead. We came around the curve to the last 100 feet and I pushed the pace up HARD. Just then the group of roadies (all guys) at the top saw us and started cheering. I'm not sure who they were cheering for, but it was great. I pulled it out and got him by a bike length. :) To clapping. It made my day.

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