Monday, October 26, 2009

Of Mice and Me

Mice. Hates them. Nasty little beggars have shat upon my lovely fabric and stinked up my basement. We are emptying out the basement, cleaning and tossing, and supporting Rubbermaid with excessive purchasing of bins.

I have wanted to do this but am now hugely motivated by the fact that the window installers must access the windows and it is quite disgusting down there. What has that cat been doing anyway?

It's pouring rain here today. I was waiting for the windows to be delivered. I think all delivery people are from India where time is relative. Relative to what, I have no idea. "They'll be delivered between 8:30 and 9am" apparently means 10:40... -ish.

I ended up havnig to clean the gutter above the back porch. You should have seen Kona. I went out onto the porch, and saw that the gutter was overflowing. It was kindof like being behind a small waterfall. Kona didn't notice at first but walked to the top step and had the most appalled set to her body/head/ears. It was funny. "I can't walk through that sheet of water to get to the yard!"

The gutter cleaning wasn't all that bad.No ladder needed for that one (good thing I'm tall). It wasn't that cold ~ the water or the air, and the leaves were fresh so not stinky or anything. I can just reach up and scoop it out. The big gush of rainwater right down my armpit though was quite the surprise - Yiii!!! I ran my pants in the dryer and changed shirts.

Later both Kona and Duncan went out. Kona went out in the yard, and Duncan got a drink on the porch (the porch water is better). He was then horrified that I booted his keister down the steps. What? Huh? Where? OH MY GAWD!!!!! I just kept saying "hurry-up" until he did. They both got done about the same time, and you should have seen them run for the house. LOL.

Drying Duncan with a towel makes him feisty.

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